Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five For Friday

Did you know I have two blogs? Because I do!

One is a personal blog and this one! I have already done a "High Five For Friday" post on the Frilly Farm Girl blog today, but I thought I would do one here too ... just focused on photography celebrations/small victories/generally fun things!

I am hoping to make it a permanent addition to the blog. I mean ... who doesn't love to celebrate Fridays anyways?

1. This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I still celebrate it everyday. Who knew a 50mm prime lens could make my heart so happy? I love it. This is my first prime lens. I can already tell it will take a lot of getting used to ... like I have to move instead of zooming in or zooming out. I feel it could be dangerous to my health. I have a history of falling and breaking bones, so I will have to be really careful until I get used to it! I haven't had a real photo shoot with it yet, but that is changing next weekend! Until then I will just play and take random pictures of street signs, cows and my dog.

2. This also happened a couple of weeks ago, but I finally designed and ordered new business cards. I love the end result. I wanted something neutral, so when my little heart decided to change my logo (colors for holidays, etc,) my business cards will still be applicable. And, the black background adds just enough different to be eye catching!

3. I have booked four senior session in the last three days! Eeeek! I can't wait to see all of their personalities come out in their pictures ... that is why I love senior photography. I have known these seniors most of their life... and that kind of makes me feel old!

4. I spent a night this week in Medicine Park. If you haven't been there, you should go. It is so peaceful and fun. My grandparents have a cabin there so we go there often and I always take my camera. I found this cute street sign while I was there. Tin Can Alley .... the future address of my future vintage trailer and/or hippie van!

5. I have mentioned this in my Frilly Farm Girl blog post, but here it is again. A painting party for photographers. Hilarious to say the least.

Well, there you have it! The first HF4F post!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I am working on new post for next week ... including a "spring time photo shoot fashion guide," V'Dub in the Park photos and the possibility of Easter photo shoots!


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