Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Higgins Family

In June, I was the photographer for Payne County Relay For Life. At Relay, I met a lady named Kelly. A few days later Kelly sent me a Facebook message to see if I would be available to shoot a big family session. 

Like 18 huge. Talk about an awesome family. I was a little nervous when she told me how many little ones would be involved, but I thought let's just roll with this! 

So basically it goes like this ...

These two got married 37 years ago. 

These two had two boys and one girl. 

Those two boys married two girls and that one girl married one boy. 

Those six had these 10 kiddos!

And, that is how there are 18 just because those two fell in love 37 years ago! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sara | Bridals

I didn't blog much this time 3 years ago, so the beautiful Sara's bridal photos didn't get shared properly. So, what better way to say Happy Anniversary than to share some of these never before seen photos! I had a few laughs thinking about this day and the entrainment we had from Mary Kathryn's (Sara's MOH) and her little brother while we ran all over their farm. 

Sara+Tyler | 3 Years Later

Happy 3rd (plus one day) Anniversary to one of my very favorite couples! 
I hadn't shot very many weddings when Sara contacted about their day and I was honestly pretty nervous about it! However, these two made me feel some comfortable and at ease during their engagement session that I knew their wedding would be the same way. I arrived at the church at least an hour earlier than I was suppose to because I was so nervous, but Sara and their entire bridal party made my job so easy. And, Tyler and his groomsmen made me laugh just about the entire time we were shooting the guys! I am so thankful for these two and the opportunity to shoot their wedding day! 
I love to see my sweet couples celebrating anniversaries and these two seriously deserve the best. I hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary!