b.davis photography actually began in 2009 as a joke. Yes, you read that right ... a joke. I was taking photography from one of my favorite and funniest professors at OSU, Dr. Dwayne Cartmell. 

{There was a period in my life where everyone at OSU called me B.Davis ... friends, professors, both of my bosses ... literally everyone.}

One day I decided to be a smartie pants and name all the photography files that were due "bdavisphotography_assignment1," "bdavisphotography_assignment2,"etc. Needless to say, it stuck. 

After graduation from OSU, my cousin asked me if I would take pictures of her son for his 1st birthday. I said yes (because he is a precious child), but never intended to make a business from photography. After taking his pictures, a few more people asked me to capture their special moments, and then a few more, and then a few more, and now I am beyond lucky to get to do the one thing I love with people/clients that I adore!

I just graduated from SWOSU with my master's degree and have been doing photography full-time while I search for a full-time job. I have loved doing this full-time for the last couple of months and having the chance to reconnect with friends from high school and meet new clients who are friends of friends. 

I don't specialize in just one type of shooting. I love variety. Everything from newborns to 65th wedding anniversary parties to stock shows to weddings to a sweet 16 to animals. I enjoy challenge and love capturing people in their elements. I hate the term "lifestyle" photographer, but in essence I am that. I hate set up shots. I want clients to be comfortable, relaxed and truly reflect their personality.

My promise to you-- I will never ever make you pose a way you don't want to pose, use a prop you don't want to use or do something dangerous (like stand on a train track) during your session. 

As of 2014, b.davis photography added "design" to the title. Graphic design is a rekindled love for me. I have always designed my own logos for b.davis and Frilly Farm, but I am having tons of fun designing logos, branding material, invitations, etc. for clients. 

I am so excited to see what 2014 holds for b.davis photography and design. I am attending the Pursuit 31 Conference this fall in Georgia and I hear amazing stories from past attendees. I am so incrediably beyond excited to see God work in my life and business during this time. I can already see new things on the horizon and am anxious to see how it all turns out. In his time though, in his time. :) 

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