Friday, October 31, 2014

Ha-bee-y Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Lucy isn't much for dressing up-- But, I made her anyways. She intently barked at the neighbor dogs the entire time I tried to get her to be still for one shot... but, I managed for one even though you can see her hate and discontentment toward said neighbor dogs in her eyes. 

But, nevertheless we hope you had a wonderful halloween and a happy weekend! 

Spooks and bees, 
bdavis and lucy

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Fall

Fall. I love it. And, I hope you have a wonderful fall too!

Thank you for following this blog and supporting B.Davis Photography. I am very blessed to have such awesome clients and friends!

Minnie {IVY} Mouse

I don't know about you, but fall is one of my favorite seasons. Give me everything pumpkin and I am good to go ... well, almost anything-- anything but pumpkin flavored food. Gross. Okay, so I guess I should say anything pumpkin scented I love! :) 

Tonight, I had a super fun birthday session with little miss Ivy! Couldn't have been more fun ore more perfect. The evening was just right... not too windy, not too cold, not too hot ... just perfect! 

I had a blast chasing this little one around. She was not too sure about having her picture taken, but she finally warmed up to the idea about 10 minutes before we were finished! Nevertheless, I got some cute pictures of her despite her ability to avoid the camera! :)