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I started blogging back in college. However, it was a disaster. I can't even talk about it because it was that awful.

{Once I actually read my very first post and was embarrassed beyond belief. No wonder it didn't last. However, I can say the grammar was correct. Thanks AGCM!}

I recently went through a very extensive rebranding campaign which better integrated my new little business and blog (and dog). Therefore, Frilly Farm was born. I am the Frilly Farm Wife, Lucy is the Frilly Farm Dog and my husband is Frilly Farm Husband, obviously. 

I talk about many different things over at Frilly Farm Wife, so if you are looking for a very abstract random blog to read then please come see me. My hope is to get FFW to a specialty point, but we (the blog and I) haven't got there yet. We are still young and looking for our sweet spot, so please bare with me! 

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