Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bridal Brunch

A sweet friend of mine is getting married and another sweet friend is hosting her shower. And, {thankfully} she asked me to design an invite for the special day!

I can already tell how much fun this shower is going to be just based on the details I have heard so far! I can't wait to photograph the day ... and it is a definite bonus that "classic Kentucky Derby attire is encouraged." Floppy hats and heels here we come!

{I changed the names and details for funs ... the real name is not "Rhae Jennedy" although "Jennedy" is  kind of fun to say!

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  1. A great post about Bridal Brunch. This DIY invitation card is truly interesting. Loved this post and will like to use this idea for my cousin’s wedding shower that I am planning to host at local garden San Francisco venues. Hope to book one venue in budget.