Saturday, December 13, 2014


Saturdays are the best. I get so much accomplished. And, today was no different!

I started the morning out with a fun maternity session. A session that we have rescheduled once already because of the dreary, foggy weather! And, of course today it was perhaps even more dreary and more foggy. But, we didn't let that stop us and I am really glad we didn't because they turned to be great!

I have known Adam practically my whole life and could easily tell you a ton of stories about the shenanigans of my brother and Adam. I won't mention any particular incidents, but just know they were a mess growing up!

I was so happy when Erin asked me to take their maternity pictures and I absolutely loved hanging out with them this morning in such a lovely location!

After leaving Erin and Adam, I headed to meet Shelley and her little family for a few Christmas pictures. Have I mentioned how adorable her kiddos are? Oh my gosh! Just adorable! See for yourself!

And, after leaving the Denson family, I headed to meet Stratton and his mom for a few senior photos! I can't believe Stratton is a senior! Ahh! I remember going to the insurance agency when I was in high school and Stratton running around playing and still in high school! Thankfully, the fog was starting to lift by this point and the sun was starting to peek out just a little! 

 And, I ended my day with a super secret project! Perhaps I can post after the Holiday season! Fingers crossed because it is fun! :) 

And, now I am going to be spending a few hours in front of my computer catching up and getting ready for another full day tomorrow including a family christmas, first birthday and more! 

Have a great weekend! You only have one day left ... Enjoy it! 

-- bdavis

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