Saturday, February 4, 2017

Goal Digger | Podcast

I have a new love in life... Podcast.

Seriously. I have never been much of a news radio type person and honestly always compared podcast (because I didn't really know what they were) to news type radio. You know people talking non-stop for hours and I didn't really want to listen to someone talk and talk when I could be singing (aka yelling) some Miranda Lambert or Eric Church on my long drives.

And, then I heard about Jenna Kutcher. And, if you are a photographer or small business owner, you need to check out this girl. She is awesome. And, not only is she awesome, but the list of guest speakers on her podcast are equally as awesome.

I started following her on Instagram a few weeks ago, but honestly didn't even know how to listen to a podcast until yesterday! (Don't judge me!) I just finished up episode 3 and I can't wait to learn and hear more from Jenna!

Seriously, look her up if you are needing help/inspiration in branding, website design, social media and even mac and cheese. (You will understand the mac and cheese part once you get to know her!)

P.S. If you are like me and don't know how to find podcast-- there is actually an app for that. Literally. Find the "podcast app" (it is the purple one) and search for "Goal Digger!" You won't be disappointed.

Also, I am looking for other podcast to listen too! Comment suggestions below!

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