Sunday, February 12, 2017

What Happens Down in Mexico...


What happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico right? 

I promised myself I wouldn't be working while we were in Mexico... but, what my husband didn't know is that I snuck a few things in my bag so that "if" I had any free time and "if" inspiration hit me, I could take throw some stuff together for a few detail shots and of course a few shots of the beautiful beach and all the beautiful flowers. 

I snuck off for a few photos one afternoon and put together this little somethings. I found this little jar from Hobby Lobby one day when it was a on sale just so we could bring back some sand from our vacation. I "stole" a little extra sand to put in a Christmas ornament to add to our vacation ornament collection (because we are that cheesy couple, haha). I bought the "rock" pink heart paperweight from a nice vendor lady at our resort. I don't know that I really wanted to buy it, but she was so nice and the pink we perfect for my desk, so I thought what the heck. 

Now that I have that confession officially off my chest-- take me back to the beach, please. 

And, here are a few more photos from our trip! 

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