Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This session was one of my favorites ever. But, then again these girls are always a fun time! 

We started out at Amy's land with plans of using the big silo for photos... and then we found this little run down barn of a thing to the north and it turned out to be the perfect backdrop for the evening... with the most beautiful soft evening sun! 

Hanna is a dream. Such a photogenic little gal that I could probably take pictures of all day! And, Ivy is just the most precious little thing! Seeing Ivy and Hanna together is so sweet! Hanna is such a great big sister and you can tell Ivy thinks the world of her. We laughed and laughed all evening... especially when Ivy found that the silo echoed (it was adorable!)

I think Amy is going to have her hands full when these two get older! :) 
 Thanks again for having me out! 

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