Sunday, March 5, 2017

I am not good with secrets...

So, this weekend I shot a GORGEOUS bride on the beautiful Oklahoma State University campus and it was absolutely wonderful. 

We started the shoot over on the terrace of the student union... ironically the place Cali and I first met ... in 2005! 

Yes, 2005. Cali and I were both involved in FFA in high school and attended the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Fall Conference! We spent the weekend on campus and pretended like we were college kids, but in fact we were only seniors in high school. 

We both went to OSU the following fall, but didn't really stay in contact... because you know at that time texting, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat wasn't really a thing. So, it wasn't until a few years later that we came back in contact and then a few years after that she sent me a message on Instagram inquiring about wedding package information. 

I was beyond excited and crossing my fingers that she picked me to shoot her big day because I knew it was going to be fabulous and let me just tell you from the details I have heard-- it is going to be fabulous. I mean you should see her dress alone. 

Thankfully, I don't have to keep it a secret for too much longer because Chris and Cali get married in  10 days sooooo.... until then the only thing I can share is this photo from the mini bouquet I made at the last minute for a little bit of color for Cali's bridal session! But, you can bet that I already have a scheduled blog post for the day after the wedding! 

P.S. Thank you Chris and Cali for picking me!! 

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