Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sundays are made for photos!

My Sunday was eventful to say the least... and eventful day of photography which is something I love more than anything!

I started my day out with this super super cute newborn in Tuttle! Just look how cute he is! We had a blast playing dress up with Baby Easton... he went from a little Christmas baby to a teddy bear to a baseball player to a football player back to a baseball player and finishing as a dinosaur! I am not sure he loved it as much as his mommy, daddy and I, but never the less we left there with some super cute pictures! 

And, a special shout out to his daddy for being the best prop man/baby puke cleaner up man/ swaddle wrapping man out there! Thank you for all your help today! 

After I left Easton and his parents, I headed back to Minco for a fun session with Jerad, Korie and Dolly Parton! The wind was starting to pick up by this point, but we persevered and managed to get some sweet shots! My little cousin, Kalie, absolutely loves these two and when I showed her the pictures from today she said "those are some good photos!"... and I must agree with my Kalie! She has a good eye! ;) Thank you Burchfield's for letting me hang with you all!

After the Burchfield's, I headed to one of my oldest friends farm for another family session! By this point the wind was really really getting up, so we had to make the best of it. Fortunately, the wind calmed down enough to grab a few shots out in the open field on the couch (thanks for loading it in the truck, Daddy and Brother) and then we found a pretty place out of the wind! 

All the photos today and all that walking through fields and grasses and I didn't even fall once or loose my keys. Talk about a win-win ... especially for me! 

I can only share one of these two... until I find out if I can even be sharing any of them (just in case they are Christmas gifts!) 

And, now to one of my more memorable parts of today... I call this "Reality: Life With a Toddler!" We will try again another day! haha But, I am glad I got to see Tate and Lori today and now Lori has some super funny pictures for her mommy blog! :) 

And, then I went to my grandparent's house, ate some dinner with my family and now sitting in my cozy house looking at my fun tree and editing my life away!

What a great day! Blessed to be doing what I love and getting to work with clients that are so great and so much fun! Thank you!


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