Thursday, July 17, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to take t-ball team pictures for a super cute t-ball team. They were so fun and so well-behaved (maybe because they knew they could jump in the pool as soon as pictures were over, but I don't mind!)

I couldn't resist sharing this one. He walked up in front of me and posed like this before I gave him an instructions at all. It reminds me of something from "Sandlot" aka my favorite movie of all time. I did eventually have him stand like the other kiddos did, but not before I snapped a few with him like this! I had so much fun spending time with these cuties before their end of the year swim party. By the time I could walk back to the Brummell's house, they were already jumping into the pool ... so I am assuming they had a great night! 

Thank you to the parents of these little t-ballers! I so enjoyed spending time with you all! 

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